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We offer patients a unique combination of personal attention in a private practice setting combined with the most advanced surgical techniques. See what our patients have to say about their experiences or click on the stories below to see how some of our patients are doing after their surgery.

Greetings from the ski slopes

"My mom (is) 6-weeks post-surgery from her second hip. (She) is sending greetings to you, Dr. Gross, and the rest of your team from the ski slopes! She’s feeling great! Thank you for helping her last summer!" 

"Hasn't walked this well since she was quite young"

Sandra sent us a video of her enjoying a playful walk with her husband "after a succesful surgery with Dr. Gross and Lee Webb and the good folks at Midlands". She was on a walker this time last year, but in the video, she effortlestly walks at an impressive pace, to which her husband jokes that he is out of breath keeping up with her. He adds that "she hasn't walked this well since she was quite young."

Bilateral and competitive moto-biking

"Call me crazy but I am in the best shape of my life and even more active than I was at my peak before the hip osteoarthritis pain took hold. I cannot stop bragging about what Dr. Gross and team have done for me and all of (his) patients. 

Since my bilateral surgeries in Dec 2012:

  • 6 Months started easy mountain biking on flat trails. This was rehab for return to motorcycle dirt biking, my real passion.
  • 13 Months returned to motorcycle recreational dirt biking.
  • 13 Months entered first Arizona MBAA MTB race as a first timer. 
  • 36 Months won 50B Class on the Dirt Bike.
  • 48 Months won my first MTB race. Placed 3rd in the Cat 3 MBAA Series. Moving to Cat 2 for 2018.
  • 48 Months won 50A Class on the Dirt Bike.

I will be contending both the MTB and Dirt Bike series for 2018, same as 2016 and 2017. My total mileage on the MTB is now at 6857.3 miles in 486 rides. Dr. Gross was right when he said the resurfaced hip was as strong as the one I was born with!"

Long-distance competitive cycling with hip resurfacing

"My hip has been going strong for the past 6 years. I have been riding my bicycle for the past several years for exercise; I have recently been more aggressive in going further and training to enter into long-distance competitive cycling events. In the cycling world, the equivalent of a marathon is called a “Century” – it is a 100 mile bike ride often including large hills and other challenging terrain.

This past weekend I tried one for the first time and successfully completed it! I rode 102 miles, with total elevation gains of 7000’. The event was in San Diego, CA, it was called the San Diego Gran Fondo.

Thanks again!!!"

Bilateral hips & full range of motion

"I just wanted to share my photo -- coming up on my 4 year anniversary of my right hip replacement from July 2013 and my left hip from December 2013. No pain, full range-of-motion, no issues and living life. Just wanted to let (Dr. Gross' Midlands Ortho team) know and see the good work that you do."



We call Dr. Gross "Dr. Magic"

"Dr. Thomas Gross, Dr. Lee Webb, and their staff (Nurse Nancy is the one I spent a lot of time conversing with) have changed my life SO MUCH.  In less than a year, I went from having to crawl up stairs on all fours to getting back to my active life.  I am 52-years old.  I got my new hip. Now…  I box, trail run, basketball, ultimate frisbee, crossfit, and more.  I was very active before arthritis struck my hip, [...] ruining everything I [did].  JUST OVER ONE YEAR after surgery, I was nearly back to 100%. I couldn’t believe it! Dr. Gross’ pain management is amazing.  Around here in the NC area, there are several of his patients with the exact same [hip resurfacing] surgery.  We all call him “Dr. Magic”.  My sister lives in SC just north of [Columbia].  I stayed with her for a week after surgery.  She and my brother-n-law were shocked by the speed of recovery and are telling all their friends about Dr. Magic.  People who knew me before arthritis, [...] right before the surgery, and [...] now are asking about Dr. Magic.   

Now it is two years, and [I'm] fully recovered.  My progress now is NOT about the surgery but is about me and [the] efforts I make.  Just over a year after surgery, my running partner signed [us] up for one of the hardest marathons in NC.  We finished our 26.2 mile marathon in 5:15.  Not too shabby considering the terrain.  It was good to be sore but not in pain! A marathon. 19 months after my surgery. Thank you Dr. Gross!"



4-Day Zion Hike with Bilateral Hips

"We hiked in Zion National Park for 4 days. Typically did 5-9 miles per day. Frequently experienced elevation gains > 2000 feet. Never felt anything in my hips all 4 days. Really incredible to be able to do these things with my family. It simply would have been impossible before getting both hips resurfaced.

Please let any prospective patients know of my success and that if I can do it, anybody can. This picture was taken 5 months to the day Dr. Gross resurfaced my left hip and about 16 months after the right."


Brilliantly talented surgeon

I ran 1 mile today. It's been almost 2 years since I had to stop running due to my injured hip. It's been 7 months since my hip resurfacing surgery and 1 month since I was cleared to return to full activity - including running. So I want to express my immeasurable gratitude to my brilliantly talented surgeon, Dr Tom Gross MD, and his fantastic team at Midlands Orthopedics in Columbia, SC for fixing me and giving me this unbelievable opportunity. I was told I would never run again. As it always has been in this country, we live in an age of remarkable medical innovation and advancement. Let's hope and pray that these creative and gifted Medical Professionals are allowed to continue to operate and flourish in an environment that nutures their goals and not in one where a group of unknowledgeable and misguided bureaucrats extinguish this spectacularly creative process forever.

Trail running

[I'm] 2-1/2 years out on the right [hip] and 1-1/2 on the left [hip].  Saturday, three of us (I'm far right) did 13 miles up into Crescent Creek drainage near Cooper Landing.  We had an awesome time and did it in 2 hours 45 minutes - a little slower than planned, but it was HOT. Alaska girls don't do hot.  

This is the longest run I've done this summer and one of the more challenging.  This [trail] has some impressive uphill rocky stretches but totally worth it once you get above tree line.  

I have NO PAIN.  None.  I did the downhills just as fast as the chick in the middle, who is an IronMan triathlete.  Downhill was my enemy for so many years; it [used to] hurt so bad.  Uphill I held my own but definitely need more cardio work. [...]  

[...] Once again a heartfelt thank you to all of you and Dr. Gross for giving me this back.


I did cartwheels to celebrate!

When Dr. Gross resurfaced my right hip in August of 2013, he told me that I would be able to do all the activities that I normally enjoyed doing. He was right! This photo was taken the day I regained my number one ranking in the world for pole vaulting women ages 60-64. I was thrilled to be the only female to pole vault with a resurfaced hip! I did cartwheels to celebrate! 

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