Success Stories

We offer patients a unique combination of personal attention in a private practice setting combined with the most advanced surgical techniques. Click on the stories below to see how some of our patients are doing after their surgery.

Hiked the Grand Canyon! "[My hips] are still working well, as we recently hiked to the bottom of the Grand Canyon and back out, a 5,000 ft elevation change. Thanks for the great work!! "
Vegas half marathon "I did the Las Vegas half marathon in February. Not my best time, but all on pavement and no pain on two resurfaced hips." Way to go!
Gave me my life back "Thank you guys for giving me my life back! I had a left hip resurface 7 years ago and because of you guys, I am doing mountain bike rides like the one in the video. This (ride picture) was taken today in Sedona."
40-mile bike ride "I completed my first 40-mile bike ride since my surgery. Everything is great! No more pain."
Hiking Tallest TX Peak

"My recent lengthy hike up the tallest peak in Texas @8750 ft, length over 9 miles, time to complete 6 hours plus, temp in the 20/30’s during the day...all because of ya’lls great work for me almost 13 years ago.Thanks again and again." 

Triathlon after Bilateral Hips

"I started running in December 2015. I completed my first 1/2 marathon in honor of a friend I lost of cancer. After, I heard about ultra running... I decided to run a charity ultra in honor of my dad and my friend who I both lost of cancer. So in November 2016, just 10 month after starting to run, I ran a 100 Mile race and raised 13K for a local cancer patient. 
During 2018 I developed hip issues while training for the Yeti 100... I had to cancel the race and finally see a doctor... I was told that my running ultras would be over. I was devastated, but shortly after... I found Dr. Gross. I will never forget the phone call at 9PM one night from a person answering in my native tongue (German) "hallo wie gehts". I was hit of guard and than he said "Dr. Gross here, you are a perfect candidate for BHR, you got any questions for me?" At my 1 year follow up with Lee, I was afraid to tell her first how much I already did (4000 Miles on the bike since 2nd surgery) it was only after she told me everything looked great that... I told her all the rides I did, After..., I started training for my first spring triathlon. I did 2 sprints and then signed up for Daytona. Meanwhile I'm signed up for Ironman Florida next year and on the waitlist for Texas and Chattanooga.

I’m extremely happy and thankful... Without you guys it would not have been possible and I want to share this as it’s also a great accomplishment for Dr. Gross and his teams great work."

My first half ironman

"Your good work continues to bring happiness to patients lives. This past weekend I completed my first half ironman event in Daytona.  I completed it in 4 hours and 58 minutes and 35 seconds: 1.2 Mile swim, 29.49, 56 Mile bike in 2 hours 41 minutes; Half marathon in 1 hour 37 minutes and 51 seconds

Everyday since I have had my hip done back in February 2014, my life has been so positive.  I would never thought I could do something like this 6 years ago after surgery.  Thank you for all that you do. I just wanted to let you all know that I am truly grateful for people like you in my life."

Double National Champion

"I am happy to report that [my hip] surgery appears to have been a total success. I have started to play national tournaments again. Last weekend I played a National Category 2 Seniors tournament in Jackson, Mississippi. I got to the finals of the men's 65s singles and doubles events. My partner and I won the doubles finals (photo attached)... Along the way I beat the number 8 and 14 guys in the country in straight sets and my partner and I beat a team tied for no. 6 in the country in the doubles finals in straight sets. I still need to improve my fitness but I am getting better every week. After beating the no. 8 guy in the country in the semifinals I turned to my friends who were watching and said:  "Thank you to my team of doctors and physical therapists." Seriously, thanks to all of you for keeping me on the court and playing competitively! I absolutely could not do it without you."

Emerge(d) as a more well-rounded athlete

"My active life style in hiking, mountaineering, road racing, tennis, rock climbing, sea kayaking was seriously affected by my left hip advanced osteoarthritis. After almost 3 years of degradation and loss of mobility, lack of sleep due to pain, i took the leap of faith, travelled down the coast during the pandemic for 14 h and had the procedure done at the hospital with no issues whatsoever. My recovery has been very quick and successful due to my prior fitness level, age and low weight. 

I am now 3 months postop and move much better. I can finally enjoy yoga classes and pilates... I am building strength daily and at the end of the 6 month recovery i will emerge as a more well rounded athlete. I swim for 1h in the pool, do stair climbing for cardio and strength training. I have no pain and can cover any distance hiking. Best part, my sleep has improved a lot. I intend to devote my time to rock climbing, hiking and mountaineering. " 

NFL Veteran Returning to Triathalons

"[I'm] a 10 year NFL veteran.  Dr. Gross performed bi-lateral hip resurfacing on my severely arthritic hips in 2017.  After rehabbing for a year, I was able to return to competitive triathlons and completed IRONMAN Florida in 2018.  Since then, I have resumed my normal training schedule and honestly feel better than I have in at least ten years.  As part of my training for my next IRONMAN event, I ran 10 miles with ease yesterday completely pain-free.  Trust me when I tell you this is nothing short of miraculous after the extreme pain I endured for so many years.

I am reaching out just to let you know how grateful I am for everything Dr. Gross and your staff did for me.  The entire process from the initial consultation through post-op follow up was unlike any kind of medical treatment I have ever received before.  And needless to say, I am absolutely thrilled with the result.


Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you!"


-Don D.

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