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Questions For Patients From Out Of State

For out of state patients what preoperative medical evaluation is required?

The following is a list of routine laboratory required before safely administering anesthetic and undergoing a major operation:

  • Blood tests
  • CBC , Chemistry panel
  • Urine analysis
  • Chest X-Ray
  • EKG

In addition , we recommend a complete physical exam by your medical doctor before you travel here. Please fax results to (803) 933-6757. If you bring all of the above results with you , only two minor blood tests need to be carried out just before surgery at our hospital. The reason for the above evaluation in your hometown is to avoid last minute cancellation of surgery after you have come all the way to Columbia. For example , your preoperative testing could reveal an EKG abnormality that needs further study as well as% a stress test. Even though you may have no symptoms of any medical problem , it would not be safe to administer anesthesia without further tests. This , of course , would require cancellation of surgery and probably a second trip to Columbia after the issues were% resolved. For this reason it is imperative that you obtain a full evaluation in your hometown prior to traveling here. Your hospital stay here will be 2 to 3 days.

How much physical therapy is required for hip replacement surgery?

For both Total hip and hip surface replacement the physical therapy that is required is minimal. The physical therapist will get you out of bed the day after surgery and you will take a few steps. They will teach you some easy exercises and walk with you daily. By the time you leave the hospital three to four days after surgery , you will be able to get in and out of bed and a chair on your own. You will be able to walk with a walker or crutches bearing some weight on your operative leg. The exercises are very easy to do on your own and you will not need the help of a physical therapist to perform then at home. After six weeks we advance our program of exercises and give you detailed written instruction and pictures to guide you. Again , it is rare to require a physical therapist to carry these out properly. After three months you should be ready to proceed to work outs at a standard athletic center. All restrictions are lifted after six months.

For out of state patients , when will you see Dr. Gross?

After you have sent us your initial X-Ray and medical information sheets , I will call you to answer your questions. I will assume you have read the information available on this website already. I will let you know if you are a candidate for this operation and whether any special challenges are present in your case. I will answer your questions. After this , if you decide to proceed , we will schedule your surgery and contact your insurance company. We will also schedule a formal office consultation with Dr. Gross and Lee Webb just prior to your surgery date. After this time we will review your record , perform a physical exam and take a new X-ray. After this meeting you will be sent to the hospital for the preoperative anesthesia evaluation and any last minute blood test required. Please bring the results of your hometown physical exam to this appointment.

On what days can I have surgery?

There are two options:

Option One

  • Fly in Wednesday (or early Thursday)
  • Office appointment with Dr. Gross Thursday
  • Surgery Monday
  • Discharge from hospital Tuesday for Wednesday or Thursday flight home

Option Two

  • Fly in Monday (or early Tuesday)
  • Office appointment with Dr. Gross Tuesday
  • Surgery Wednesday
  • Discharge from hospital Thursday for Friday or Saturday flight home


If you are scheduled as an outpatient, you will follow the same schedule, you will be released the day of surgery to the hotel. The home health nurse will see you that evening, Dr. Gross will see you the next morning, you may travel home that day.

What Hotels are available during my stay?

Hotels near Providence Northeast Hospital are:

The Residence’s Inn Marriott
320 LeGrand Road
Columbia , S.C. 29223

The Courtyard Marriott
111 Gateway Corporate Boulevard
I - 77 at Farrow Road
Columbia , S.C. 29203

Fairfield Inn & Suites Columbia Northeast
120 Blarney Drive
Columbia , S.C. 29223
(803) 760-1700

Hotels near our Lake Murray office:

Towneplace Suites - Columbia
350 Columbiana Dr
Columbia , SC 29212

Fairfield Inn
320 Columbiana Dr
Columbia , SC 29212


Columbia Charlotte Shuttle, Inc. provides passenger transportation between the Columbia area and the Charlotte airport for $49 per person. They are door-to-door, meaning they pick up at baggage claim in Charlotte, and drop off anywhere in Columbia, as well as the reverse. Please feel free to visit their website for more information.

Columbia Charlotte Shuttle, Inc.
"The Charlotte airport just got closer."

Phone Consultation

If you are interested in determining if you are a candidate for surgery, please mail your completed new patient forms to the office and include a digital x-ray. Dr. Gross will call you back to discuss your options.

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